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THE WORLD'S SHARPEST MAGAZINE publishes reviews, comment, interviews and other features covering books, films and stuff; as well as original fiction; discerningly chosen SF (speculative fiction, science fiction, whatever . . .), horror, crime, fantasy (its all fantasy), magic realism, anything we like . . . imaginative short stories and novellas.

Dario Argento * Iain Banks * Clive Barker * Steve Beard * Anne Billson * Jonathan Carroll * Mark Chadbourn * Storm Constantine * Paul Di Filippo * Christopher Fowler * William Gibson * M John Harrison * Graham Joyce * Ken MacLeod * Robert Meadley * Michael Moorcock * Alan Moore * Grant Morrison * Kim Newman * Joyce Carol Oates * Bridget Penney * Chris Petit * Christopher Priest * Kim Stanley Robinson * Nicholas Royle * James Sallis * Iain Sinclair * Indra Sinha * Michael Marshall * Jason Starr * Peter Whitehead * Snoo Wilson * and others.


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